FAILparty 2, EconoFAIL, Featuring Fail Whale Creator Yiying Lu

Fail Whale

FAILparty 2, EconoFAIL, a follow-up to last July’s original FAILparty, takes place at 8pm this Wednesday, February 18th at Mr. Smith’s in San Francisco. The event will feature special guest Yiying Lu, the Sydney designer who created the Twitter’s iconic “Fail Whale” illustration and who was recently featured in the New York Times Magazine.

It’s time for a FAILout package of our own!

Stop crying over the ashes of your 401k statement and join FailWhale creator and Shorty award winner Yiying Lu and the rest of the FAILparty crew for a night of drinking and dancing that is “guaranteed” to get the economy back on track.

John Adams (@netik) as DJ extraordinaire
– EconoFAIL drink specials
– Signed failwhale art giveaways!

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illustration by Yiying Lu