Fa La Freezing, A Chanukah Song by My First Earthquake

“Fa La Freezing” is a catchy new Chanukah song by the San Francisco indie rock bank My First Earthquake. As it turns out, lead signer Rebecca Bortman works as a designer with our friends over at Mule Design Studio.

Our lead singer, Rebecca Bortman (hi there!), is known for breaking into a song from her 5th grade holiday concert whenever it gets a titbit nipply outside. It starts with “It’s ca-ca-ca-cold outside, I’m f-f-f-f-freezing…”

We decided to add some new parts, rock it up, synth it down, and here it is: our tribute to messed-up childhood holidays. Since Rebecca has the double-whammy of having a birthday two days before Christmas and being Jewish, she had a lot of ideas for lyrics to add to her childhood ditty.