Everything.me, A New Mobile Search App From The Everything Project

Everything.me is a new browser-based mobile search app in open beta from The Everything Project, a start-up founded by entrepreneurs Ami Ben-David, Rami Kasterstein and Joe Simon. The Next Web recently reviewed the app in which article’s author Courtney Boyd Myers calls it “the best new app at SXSW.” She says it “delivers a highly visual, immediate and recognizable experience” and that it is “the very definition of mobile optimized with giant, friendly background images and easy-to-spot icons.”

We’ve opened up the doors to the beta of the product and would love for you to check it out. It’s a proper beta, you know the old fashioned kind where you expose a product to people, then engage with that community for feedback/input, and then iterate, iterate, iterate.

So get ready to check out Everything.me — an entirely new approach to mobile search that instantly gives you everything you need as an app.

By “instantly” we mean immediately, like right away, before you get old.

By “everything” we mean, everything: songs, movies, restaurants, weather. You name it!

By “as an app” we mean it works like an app, not like Google on your phone.

And if you clicked that link up there, you’ll see that you have to check it out on your mobile phone. It is, after all, a mobile search engine so that makes sense, right?

image via The Next Web

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff