Ethan, A Simple Messaging App That Allows Users to Ask Developer Ethan Gliechtenstein for His Opinion

Ethan App Ethan App

Ethan is a simple messaging app by developer Ethan Gliechtenstein that allows users to ask him for his opinion on things. The messaging app includes a few simple guidelines, one of which is that Ethan can’t respond while asleep. According to Gliechtenstein, the app started as a way for friends to get in contact with him but spiraled out from there.

But then random people started downloading and I became sort of a virtual assistant at one point, finding music for romantic dinner or animes with dragons for them. Sometimes it’s hard because they keep asking me questions while i’m sleeping. That’s why I added the rules on the home page.

Ethan is currently available on iOS.

Ethan App Ethan App

images via Ethan