Estonian Students Design a Trio of Giant Wooden Megaphones That Amplify the Sounds of the Forest

Wooden Megaphone in Forest

Design students in the Interior Architecture program at the Estonian Academy of Arts created a trio of giant wooden megaphones in the forest at the Pähni Nature Centre. The megaphones are specifically designed to amplify the ambient sounds of nature but per the school press release, they also serve other purposes.

On September 18th, an installation of three gigantic wooden megaphones built by a team of Estonian Academy of Arts interior architecture students will be opened for all forest dwellers for resting, contemplation and above all – listening to the sounds of nature and forests around them. …This is however not the only use for the installation, as it will double as a sitting and resting area, and can be used as a stage for small events.

Wooden Megaphone

Wooden Megaphones

Sitting in Megaphone

photos by Tõnu Tunnel