‘Enter Pyongyang’, A ‘Flow-Motion’ Time-Lapse Video of the Bustling North Korean Capital

“Enter Pyongyang” is a short flowing time-lapse video of North Korea’s capital and most populous city helmed by city brander JT Singh and “flow-motion” videographer Rob Whitworth. The video combines standard time-lapse visuals with movement, slow motion, and digital animation for an effect that allows the filmmakers to travel across the fascinating city at great speeds. Pyongyang, as with the rest of North Korea is often difficult for outsiders to access, but the filmmakers were allowed to shoot thanks to a connection to Bejing-based travel company Koryo Tours.

This project was produced in conjunction with Koryo Tours, the leading North Korea travel specialist. Co-producer Vicky Mohieddeen of Koryo Tours was with us throughout the shoot.