Emoki, Motorized Animal Ears You Control With Your Mind


San Francisco-based company Emoki are launching a line of motorized animals ears that “you control with your mind.” Their promo videos (1, 2) show how they work (a “forehead sensor listens to the body’s electrical signal”). Bear, fox and bunny ears are available for pre-order at their fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

Emoki ears are designed to get attention, to draw people to come and speak with you, to initiate conversations and ignite new friendships. They’re unbelievably fun, and you’ll laugh with your friends as your ears react to your mood.

Whether you want to look sexy & bad-ass with the party-flavored ears, or cute, cuddly, & fun with the cartoonish-realistic ears, wearing Emoki can enhance your time at all sorts of social gatherings. If you go to music festivals, anime conventions, cosplay events, or Burning Man; if you want to represent your home team with custom mascot ears, you’ll be equipped for an epic adventure.


images and video via Emoki

via Make

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff