Elegant Custom Science Fiction-Themed Jewelry Crafted With a Distinct Extraterrestrial Flair

Spin Doctor
The Spin DoctorDoctor Who

Artist Paul Michael Bierker has created a gorgeous line of jewelry with a distinct extraterrestrial flair. Borrowing inspiration from such science fiction staples as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica, each piece manages to be both fun and elegant at the same time.

Imperial DroidStar Wars

Boldly Going Somewhere
Boldly Going SomewhereStar Trek

Cross My Wings
My Wings are CrossedStar Wars

Tie the Knot
Tie The Knot XLStar Wars

Droid Halo Ring
R2D2 Inspired Halo RingStar Wars

Cyclont Knight
Cyclont KnightBattlestar Gallactica

images via Paul Michael Design

via Geeky Merch, Boing Boing