EFF’s Dark Strong Encryption Saves Lives T-Shirt at DEF CON

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is heading to Las Vegas this week for DEF CON 19, the elite conference that gathers hackers, crackers, journalists and FBI agents together under one roof to discuss all things cyber.

To commemorate, EFF has produced a special shirt by Robots & Monsters charity demigod Joe Alterio. The shirt looks cool enough under ordinary light conditions, but walk under a black light and super-secret computer codes are revealed. And if you walk into a completely darkened room (where most hackers spend their time), the shirt glows in the dark to reveal a very important message: STRONG ENCRYPTION SAVES LIVES!

The shirt is only available at DEF CON, but EFF has other great swag available when you join or renew online, including their new Bit-Blaster Mecha shirt, designed by yours truly.

For more information on encryption and how it does, in fact, save lives, check out the handy encryption advice to be found on EFF’s Surveillance Self Defense site.

Hugh D'Andrade
Hugh D'Andrade

I'm an artist and troublemaker.