EDW Lynch Admits “Let’s Just Be Friends” Dating Incident

The EDW Lynch man-corporation hybrid project (or “corporate manglomerate”) has entered a new and exciting phase with our first press conference.

Becoming a corporation means adhering to high standards of openness and accountability. To that end, on Tuesday, May 25th, EDW Lynch announced to the press that during the course of a date, potential romantic opportunity Erica K. issued a “Let’s Just Be Friends” statement. EDW Lynch’s announcement was followed by a vigorous question and answer session, during which the international press questioned the manglomerate on moments of awkwardness and potentially damaging tweets.

In the coming months, EDW Lynch intends to keep the press regularly updated with our progress toward total manglomeration. To catch the next live press conference in San Francisco, follow our EDW Lynch corporate tweetfeed.

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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