Dynamite Alarm Clock That Has To Be Defused In Order To Turn Off

Mike Krumpus of Nootropic Design has crafted a real alarm clock, the Defusable Clock, designed to look like sticks of dynamite complete with a countdown clock. More than that, the clock is “defusable”. Practicing your bomb-defusing skills has never been more fun, safe or timely.

I thought it would be fun to build an alarm clock that looks just like the type of bomb that we always see in Hollywood movies. I certainly don’t know anything about how a real bomb might look, but in the movies they always have sticks of dynamite strapped together, a red digital readout, and a bunch of curly wires. Instead of just building an ordinary clock, I thought it should have a detonation sequence with a scary countdown just like in the movies. And why not make it “defusable” so I an try to stop the countdown by cutting the correct wire?

Using an ATmega328 microcontroller to power the board, the clock is customizable for those with Arduino knowledge. Nootropic Design will soon offer a kit with the proper electronics for building a version of this clock at home. You may want to start collecting paper towel tubes now so your dynamite sticks are ready when the kit ships.

With some imagination, I’m sure you can make a great looking Defusable Clock, but don’t go scaring anyone with it, and don’t bring it anywhere near an airport, ok? The product page will have plenty of warnings not to use this kit for any evil purposes or get into trouble with your school, employer, or local law enforcement!

via Make

image via Nootropic Design