DUO, A Two Part Camera With Synchronized Shutters That Can Each Take a Photo at the Same Time

DUO is a camera created by designer Chin-Wei Liao that can be separated into two parts that will each take a photo at the same time. The idea, Liao explains on his website, is to make photo-taking an inclusive experience.

When browsing through old photos, we have stronger memory connection and emotion projection while seeing photos with ourselves inside. However, documenting the presence of self is not an easy task. And there is usually one person has to be excluded from photos taken in social events.

By being both photographer and subject at the same time, it enables people to have fun documenting and being documented.

Inspired by the fact that many people feel uncomfortable being photographed or do not like seeing their self-images, this project explored the meaningful impact of self-image and ways of encouraging people to enjoy taking photos.

via Core77