Dr. What vs. Master Mondalek, A Doctor Who-Themed Burlesque Show in San Francisco

Dr. What vs. Master Mondalek is a Doctor Who-themed art, game, and burlesque show taking place at The Box Factory in San Francisco on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 9PM. The event will feature performances by Jasper Patterson as Dr. What — an impersonation of the tenth Doctor — as well as Go-Go Daleks, Cyberman dancers, and many other burlesque performers.

The DALEKS have invaded the MONDOVERSE and corrupted MASTER MONDO!
The Sacred Seal of THE GREAT HOUSES has been torn asunder and all PLAY is in peril!
Can Dr WHAT bring the Houses together, reassemble the Seal and save the MONDOVERSE!?
Join together with your HOUSE and race through TIME and SPACE with Dr.WHAT in the (re)Tardis in order to meet CHALLENGES thrown at you by MASTER MANDALEK!
What strange universes must you travel to find all 7 pieces of The Sacred Seal of THE GREAT HOUSES?
Can your Wit, Charm, Style and Ingenuity save the MONDOVERSE!?

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