Double Fine Game Kickstarter Project Raises 1 Million Dollars in 1 Day

On Wednesday, San Francisco-based independent video game company Double Fine launched a $400,000 Kickstarter project to fund development of a retro point & click adventure video game. The Kickstarter project will also fund a documentary film team from 2 Player Productions. The filmmakers will document the entire game making process as it happens (for the exclusive enjoyment of project supporters).

The project reached its fundraising goal in a record 8 hours, and surpassed $1 million dollars in less than 24 hours. It missed being the first million dollar Kickstarter by just four hours though—The Elevation Dock, which we wrote about earlier this week, gained that distinction on Thursday afternoon. But the Double Fine project has now surpassed the Elevation Dock and is now the largest Kickstarter yet ($1,384,438 as of this writing). The folks over at Kickstarter watched all of this unfold with understandable excitement.

Over a six-to-eight month period, a small team under Tim Schafer’s supervision will develop Double Fine’s next game, a classic point-and-click adventure. Where it goes from there will unfold in real time for all the backers to see.

2 Player Productions will be documenting the creative process and releasing monthly video updates exclusively to the Kickstarter backers. This documentary series will strive to make the viewer as much a part of the process as possible by showing a game grow from start to finish, with all the passion, humor, and heartbreak that happens along the way.

via BetaBeat

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