, A Social Sketchpad for Self-Expression, Creativity & Inspiration


Doodlicious by Lollysshop is a free web service and iPad app for sharing drawings online and is described as a “social sketchpad for self-expression, creativity and inspiration”. Based in New York City, Evan Vogel and Darren Paul are the creators of and they “aim to make communicating through hand-drawn pictures and doodles as instant and magical as when you first passed notes to your friends in homeroom.”

From’s press release:

“ is the next step for sharing art and doodles,” explained Paul. “What Twitter and Facebook did for the status update, and what, YouTube and Tout did for video and photography, aims to do for the doodle and hand drawn art form.”

via Rick Webb and The Next Web

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff