Creative Woman Cuts Strategic Holes In Her Fence for the Curious Neighbor’s Dog to Peek Through

California firefighter Jennifer Bowman was concerned that Penny, her neighbor’s German shepherd was constantly trying to jump the fence in order to see what she and her own dog were up to and cut strategic peeking holes in her fence right at Penny’s height. These holes perfectly accommodate Penny’s lovely eyes plus one for her big beautiful nose as well.

My neighbors German Shepherd is super curious about the goings on in our yard. She jumps to peek over the fence all day long. I made her a peeking spot and I think she really likes it. Now we see her little nose and brown eyes peeping at us while we play. She’s actually a very shy dog so I think she appreciates that she can peep without to much exposure. I cannot stop laughing over how flippin cute she is! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Penny seems very happy with the arrangement, although some days her view is a bit lopsided.

via Neatorama