Scottish Sportscaster Conducts Video Conference Call With His Dogs to Review Their Job Performance

Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter conducted a video conference call with his two dogs Olive and Mabel to talk about their respective job performance.

Get together with Olive and Mabel. Still having to do it all online.

Mabel, who is said to have “an IQ of 7”, had a difficult time with the call. She drifted off into space, she had trouble sitting still, performed grooming habits while on camera and left to get a squeeze toy. Cotter asked her to mute herself and turned his attention to the far more cooperative Olive who received an excellent review from management. Mabel, however, pushed Cotter too far when she started to fall asleep as he was talking to her. Then she abruptly ended the call.

Olive, I’ve got a message from management…” “You’re a good dog, yes you are, who’s a good dog, you’re a good dog”…Mabel, so if you could just take a bit of an example from Olive and follow her lead. Are you falling asleep while we’re having this chat? This is all part of the problem that we’ve got to sort. She’s gone. unbelievable. We should sack her, we should definitely sack her. She didn’t get such good results.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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