A Dapper Little Dog In a Suit Makes a Convincing Used Car Salesman in a Parody Commercial

A rather dapper Brussels Griffon named Mr. Griff donned a suit and transformed into a convincing used car salesman in a parody commercial for the fictional Brus Griffin’s Motor World.

If you’re in the market for a new car, come on down to Brus Griffin’s Motor World! Hi, I’m Brus Griffin of Brus Griffin’s Motor World. Steering wheel, round tires, engine included…the list goes on, but this deal ends today!! Come see me, Brus Griffin, and join Brus Griffin’s Motor World family!

Mr. Griff’s human Steph got this adorable idea from her friends.

I bought my dog a suit and everyone said she looks like a used car salesman so I made a commercial.

When not selling cars, Mr. Griff holds a second job as a personal injury attorney.

Have you been a bad dog? Injured while fetching? Call Brus Griffin of Griffin & Griffin Law

He also moonlights as a Dwight Schrute impersonator.