A Clever Cylindrical Doctor Who TARDIS French Press

Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press Counter

ThinkGeek has created a French press that looks like a cylindrical version TARDIS belonging to Doctor Who. While the Doctor would probably prefer tea over coffee, fans from all over the world will appreciate this clever Time Lord design.

We were so happy when this Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press materialized at our warehouse. A ThinkGeek / GameStop exclusive, this French press takes the familiar styling of the blue police call box and wraps it around a tool that can fill us with caffeine. What more could we want? The carafe holds 34 fluid ounces, which comes out to roughly three standard mugs for the Time Lords out there.

Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press Pouring

Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press Side

Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press Top

Doctor Who Tardis French Press

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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