Digg, User Submitted Tech Stories


digg is a highly addictive website where users submit tech stories and other users “digg” the stories they like. If a story receives enough “diggs”, it moves to the front page. It’s a quick way to get a snapshot of popular stories in technology (they will be adding other categories soon). Check out Eddie Codel’s detailed write-up on digg. Speaking of Eddie, he and Irina Slutsky recently interviewed digg founder Kevin Rose for Geek Entertainment TV at the last SuperHappyDevHouse. If fact, that very same interview has been submitted to digg. So sign up for digg and digg it!

Digg has been gaining rapid popularity and Michael Arrington recently reported via TechCrunch that digg is close to surpassing Slashdot in terms of traffic. But hey, there’s no reason to choose between the two, Micheal also did a TechCrunch write-up on the newly launched Diggdot.us, a website that combines the results of digg, Slashdot and del.icio.us popular items. Sounds like a great menage et trois.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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