Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory, An Animated Mashup of Showtime’s Dexter and Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory

There’s a new most dangerous cartoon in town. Move over, Archer.

The Screen Junkies have released a great animated mashup video titled Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory that merges the Showtime drama series Dexter with Cartoon Network‘s animated teleivision series Dexter’s Laboratory. The young boy-genius has now taken on the role of the serial killer Dexter Morgan who preys on bullies, instead of murderers.

The pilot episode for Showtime’s edgy new Saturday morning cartoon. If there’s one thing Dexter loves it’s science! If there’s a second thing, it’s blood.

Dexter Morgan's Laboratory

Characters by Winter Artwork Illustrations
Animation by MC Griffin
Directed by Andy Signore
Written by Andy Signore & Ian Weinreich
Dexter, Bully, Harry voices by Mike Vaughn
Deb voice by Elisa Eliot

via Screen Junkies

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