Deltu, An Expressive Delta Robot That Interacts With Humans by Playing on an iPad

Deltu by designer Alexia Lechot at ECAL is an expressive delta robot that interacts with humans by playing on an iPad. The robot can challenge humans to games using two iPads (one for the robot, one for the human player), take selfies, and even browse the internet depending on its mood.

Deltu is a delta robot with a personality that interacts with humans via two iPads.
Depending on its mood, it plays with the user who is faced with an artificial intelligence simulation, who appreciates the small pleasures of life, sometimes too much.

The relationship we have with robots/AI that have been created to enhance our performance, but have become a source of learning, is unique and exciting. The android’s place in ociety has not yet been defined and remains to be determined; for me it is the best source of inspiration.

via Prosthetic Knowledge