Deaf Woman Hears Her Own Voice For First Time With Hearing Implant

Texas-based Sarah Churman was filmed by her husband Sloan while turning on her new Esteem hearing implant at Envoy Medical in Houston, Texas. She was born deaf and cried tears of joy as she first heard the sound of her own voice.

For you mothers out there…….it was like that moment where time stands still as your baby slips into this world…….I just started crying, then crying more because I could hear myself crying. Then laughing, then freaking out over my laugh. That lead to the shakes and partial hyperventillating. Sloan’s boisterous laugh and the grins from the docs was the icing on the cake. Then the tapping of the keys as the nurse lady did something on the computer, followed by the remote being set down on the counter…….I could HEAR it!!!