De-Extinction, Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life

De-extinction is a new scientific field that seeks to bring extinct species back to life. Driven by advances in genetics and molecular engineering, the field has already had its first (though limited) success: in 2009 the extinct Pyrenean ibex was briefly brought back to life when one was cloned with the help of a domestic goat (unfortunately the baby ibex died shortly after birth). National Geographic is taking an in-depth look at the science, ethical quandaries, and other factors surrounding de-extinction in an online feature and in their April issue. De-extinction will also be the subject of a TEDx event this month: TEDxDeExtinction. The event is hosted by The Long Now Foundation’s de-extinction initiative, Revive & Restore, and National Geographic, and will take place on March 15, 2013 in Washington, DC.


via Blog of the Long Now