Cube Hell, A Comedy About Being Banished To An Office Cubicle For All of Eternity

Cube Hell

Our friend Scot Nery has teamed up with Dan Bialek to make “Cube Hell”, an online comedy series about a guy (Dan) who is stuck in Hell (in this case an office cubicle) and is taunted by an annoying deamon (Scot) through all eternity.

Once at a party Dan Bialek made the off-handed remark, “Working in a cubicle, that would be my own personal hell.” And then he had the misfortune of dying and actually going there.

Now Dan is stuck filing paperwork as a clerical slave deep in the bowels of Hades.

And he is not alone.

He has been assigned his own personal demon, Scot, to keep him company and in torment until the end of that which we mortals call Eternity.

Dan is stuck in Cube Hell.