Crucifixion Corn Dogs, Mustard-Decorated Food-on-a-Stick


Michael Procopio of Food for the Thoughtless adapted Saveur magazine’s corn dog recipe for his Crucifixion Corn Dogs, his Easter-themed fare-on-a-stick(s). He says to serve, “decorate with mustard. You do not have to put the image of Christ on every corn dog. If you have any martyrs in your family, feel free to squirt on their likeness and share it with them to show that you know how much they themselves have suffered, which will give them great comfort.” Procopio shares the recipe and shows how to make them at his site.

If I were a seven year-old today and attending Easter mass, I know what I would like to see served at an Easter Service buffet. Naturally, everything would conform to a Jesus/Easter theme: Hot cross buns, hollow chocolate bunnies, and cereal in the shape of crosses and halos on one end; a deacon with a big knife to carve up the Lamb of God on the other. Or the Ham of God, since I wasn’t a fan of eating lamb back then.

And in the middle of everything would be a treat which would really bring home the drama of Christ’s Passion in edible form. Something delicious and filling, but would still remind us of Christ’s suffering with each and every mouthful: corn dogs on a cross.

They’re more substantial than a communion wafer, and more delicious, too. And, given the nature of hot dogs, you still won’t be certain from which part of the body they came.


image via Food for the Thoughtless

via Bay Area Bites