Craft Brewery in Dundee, Scotland Creates a Unique Spreadable Beer in Marmalade Form

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In celebration of their new location in Dundee, Scottish craft brewery Innis & Gunn UK has created the very curious Marm & Ale, a smooth preserve that is infused with their signature “oak barrel aged” ale and in turn, they’ve also created a marmalade-flavored IPA. Dougal Sharp, the founder of the brewery and master brewer, told Herald Scotland that the new location is giving them an opportunity to experiment.

Launching in this great city has provided us with an opportunity to do what we do best: push the boundaries of what’s possible with beer through innovation and experimentation. That’s why we’ve been hard at work brewing a marmalade IPA and even creating spreadable beer for adventurous foodies.

via Herald Scotland, Boing Boing