An Adorable Cowboy Baby Rides Around on the Back of a Giant Tortoise

Charlene Powers Walsh created an adorable video back in June of her nine-month-old nephew Ryett Powers, who was dressed from head to toe as a cowboy, riding around on the back of a giant tortoise named Jorge.

This miniature Blake SHELL-ton is keen to learn how to ride – by starting out life on his way to being a cowboy on the back of a giant tortoise.Young nine-month-old Ryett was filmed in full cowboy gear – check shirt, jeans, a hat, boots – sitting on a saddle on the back of the 125-pound animal, named Jorge. The adorable and happy toddler seemed to be enjoying his ride, which was set up by his great auntie, Charlene Powers Walsh. Ryett has the look in his eye of a cowboy, Charlene said. (read more)