Compassionate Firefighters Carefully Remove a Wayward Kitten Stuck in a Round Iron Pipe

A group of truly compassionate firefighters found a creative way to remove a helpless kitten who seemingly entered into a round iron pipe with hopes of exiting out the other side. Unfortunately, that other side was narrower than the first and could only fit the kitten’s head, but not the kitten’s body. Taking the utmost care, the firefighters first cut off the section where the kitten was stuck and then pushed the little head through to the other side. Unfortunately, the firefighters got no love from the freed feline, who darted away quickly.

The curiosity didn’t kill the cat, in this case, fortunately. It was rescued by firefighters who sawed through the iron pipe, and pushed the cat through the other side. Of course, after this whole event, the cat ran away mindlessly, without even saying a proper thank you!