Community Weblog MetaFilter Now Raising Funds to Support Its Continued Operation

MetaFilter Fundraising

Community weblog MetaFilter is now raising funds to support its continued operation after poor revenue from online ads caused founder Matt Haughey to lay off half the moderation staff this month. Haughey explains the problems the weblog has been dealing with that brought them to this point and shares his plans for the future of the platform in a post at Medium.

MetaFilter is currently accepting both monthly subscriptions and one-time contributions via their website.

I’m sad to have to cut staff positions, but I believe the members are what make a community great and I am looking forward to MetaFilter’s sustained presence online. We may have to make hard choices in the future as the revenue landscape continues to change, but the goal will always be towards having the best place online to have conversations, share interesting things on the web, and offer advice to one another.

photo via Howard Lake

via Matt Haughey

Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop