‘Closer Plate’, A Convenient and Elegant Way To Hold Food and Drink In One Hand

San Francisco-based designer Marco Guadarrama has designed the Closer Plate, a convenient and elegant plate that allows diners to hold food and drink in one hand, freeing them to move around and socialize without having to put their meal down onto a table.

Dinner parties are a traditional way to introduce friends to one another. Closer plates free partygoers from the confines of the traditional dining table and bring people together, encouraging mingling and conversation. Closer plate lets guests enjoy their food while giving them the freedom to move around the room and enjoy the company of other people. The plate functions much like an artist’s palette, giving the user the required leverage to hold food and drinks with a single hand.

Guadarrama is currently raising funds through Indegogo in order to bring the product line to fruition.

Red Closer

Stack of Closers

Two People Talking Closer


Wine Pouring Closer

photos via Indegogo

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips