Chris P. Bacon, A Disabled Piglet Who Uses a K’NEX Wheelchair


Chris P. Bacon is the name of an adorable little 4 lb. piglet who has no use of his back legs. He can now, however, get around on a dog style wheelchair that was custom built out of K’NEX pieces by veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero. According to the Toronto Star, Lucero acquired Chris P. Bacon from a young lady who brought the handicapped piglet to his place of work (Eastside Veterinary Hospital in Florida) and did not know what to do with him. You can see Chris P. Bacon in action in the videos below or follow his challenging journey via Facebook and Twitter.

If there is one complaint that viewers have, however, is that the wheels seem too light for Chris. However, the vet has since weighed the wheels down by about two pounds, and the wheels work better now. At some point, he will graduate to a larger wheelchair donated by the group known as Handicapped Pets.


images via Chris P Bacon Pig on Wheels

via Toronto Star