China From Above, A Gorgeous Compilation of Aerial Drone Footage Taken Over China

China From Above” is a gorgeous compilation of aerial shots taken over China by videographer Stef Hoffer. Hoffer filmed with a DJI Phantom 4 drone and edited the footage to show the diversity of landscapes around the country.

This little adventure took me from the Northern ‘rust belt provinces’ to the beautiful mountain landscapes of national parks like Zhangjiajie (often named as an inspiration for the popular Avatar movie) and Jiuzhaigou. I also visited some cities to gain an aerial perspective of China’s urban development, and came across several major infrastructure projects. The rural backwaters in Guangxi province were a personal favorite to explore, with the surreal Dragon’s Backbone rice terraces and karst scenery around Guilin.

via Sploid

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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