Chicken John Rinaldi Is Now A Candidate for Mayor of SF

Chicken's Big Check

Chicken John Rinaldi has raised the $5000 (in fact almost double that) required in order to be a candidate on ballot in this November’s election for Mayor of San Francisco. Of course the San Francisco Chronicle maintains that Newsom does not have a serious challenger, howerver the Morning News likes Chicken.

Today I am a candidate for the seat of Mayor of the city of San Francisco. There has been $9,678.54 raised since my first ask for money on late Monday night. Most of it in $20 donations. Most of it from people I don’t know. Most of it in the last 30 hours. Holy shit. Holy sheep shit. We’ve arrived. I’ve got a plan, a secret weapon, a truck that runs on coffee grinds and the support of a community that loves me and is proud of me.

I already won.

But let’s take it all the way, just to be sure.

This is going to get really interesting…

UPDATE: Josh Wolf has also confirmed that he’s now on the ballot.

video grab courtesy of Pete Goldie