Chartbeat, A Real-Time Web Analytics Service


Chartbeat is a real-time web analytics service that enables a subscriber to monitor activity on their website as it happens. The service can also send customizable alerts via email, sms, or iPhone if any unusual site activity occurs (traffic spikes, slow page loads, etc.) Laughing Squid uses Chartbeat and we can attest to the addictiveness of the constantly updating dashboard page (see a live demo of the Chartbeat dashboard).

Chartbeat is a revolutionary real-time analytics service that enables people to understand emergent behaviour in real-time and exploit or mitigate it. Chartbeat launched in April 2009 and is used by some of the most popular sites on the web including the Onion, Mahalo, Pitchfork, and DailyKos. Based in New York, the team is led by General Manager Tony Haile and is part of betaworks, a media company focused on the real-time web and social media.