Cephalopod Awareness Days, A Five-Day Celebration of Squid, Octopi, and Other Cephalopods

cephalopod awareness days

Cephalopod Awareness Days is an annual celebration of the members of the Cephalopoda class that runs from October 8th to 12th. Organizers suggest cephalopod enthusiasts follow the official Cephalopod Awareness Days Twitter account and Facebook page, share some favorite cephalopod facts with the hashtag #ceph14, and submit any cephalopod-related blog posts for inclusion on the official Cephalopod Awareness Days Tumblr.

Each day of the the event is given a different theme.

October 8 – Octopus Day, for all the eight-armed species
October 9 – Nautilus Night, a time for all the lesser-known extant cephalopods
October 10 – Squid Day/Cuttlefish Day, or Squidturday, covering the tentacular species
October 11 – Myths and Legends Day, for all the fantastical cephalopods of movies, literature and legend. Release the Kraken!
October 12 – Fossil Day (to coincide with National Fossil Day), for all the incredible suckers that have gone extinct.

image via Cephalopod Awareness Days

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