Celebrities Drawn in a Variety of Cartoon Styles

Artist Dino Tomic has reimagined and illustrated a series of celebrities as a variety of distinctly different, recognizable cartoon styles.

Tomic stated that he started doing these illustrations while having to stay at home.

I’m just having so much fun doing it and you know the quarantine is super boring haha. The characters I did were made from fantasy using the respected art styles of the different shows. Often I base them on existing characters and change up their features to resemble more the new character.

Tomic Also Paid Tribute to All the Heroic Healthcare Workers Around the World

Real Heroes drawn in different cartoon styles. Lately, I was doing a lot of these, because they are simple and they bring people joy. The time we live in now is strange and scary -Had to make a small drawing to show support for our real heroes that are saving the world not only now but always!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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