‘Candy Cab’ Passengers Offered Candy & A Party in a NYC Yellow Taxi

Candy Cab

image via Candy Cab

Mansoor Khalid, the driver behind the Candy Cab in New York City, hopes to provide a “little happiness to all” by giving his passengers free candy and chocolates along with a personal disco light-filled party in the backseat. Riders can also plug into the cab’s “blasting sound system” with their own devices to play music. The New York Times recently featured Khalid (video) and writes that he spends $300/month on candy and was inspired to create the Candy Cab after devastatingly losing his young son nearly two years ago. He says, “I like to buy something for people; I feel good. When you give something from your hand, you feel very good when someone gives a smile.” To see photos of some of his lucky riders, take a look at CandyCab on Instagram.

Here’s how you can catch a ride on Candy Cab:

How it Works

Here’s one guy’s very excited reaction to Candy Cab:

video by Blaine Dunn

Candy Cab