Burning Man Presents Precompression 2.0: The Pollination Factory

Burning Man Precompression 2012

Precompression 2.0: The Pollination Factory is the 2012 pre-Burning Man event held on Saturday June 30, 2012 from 8 PM until 4 AM at San Francisco venue, The Factory. Full details on this huge 21+ event can be found at the Burning Man site.

Participate in The Pollination Factory of Abundant Life and BUZZ-arre Experience! The garden will be abloom with cultural treasures and gilded petals at our annual Precompression celebration! As our culture floats to new frontiers like pollen on the winds of change, fragrant blooms and bursts of color will brighten the night sky. Embrace the immediacy and machinations of this moment in the company of enchanted flowers, exotic hummingbirds, bats and fluttering bees abuzz with the honey-dewed nectar of imagination!