The Traditional Waist-Coated Private London Police Force Who Ensure Shoppers Mind Their Manners

Great Big Story visited with Mark Lord of the Burlington Beadles, the very traditionally dressed, waist-coated 200 year old private police force that patrols Burlington Arcade in London to ensure that all shoppers mind their manners. Roth opened up about the history of the Beadles, their regular costume and their daily politeness duties.

The original rule was here were no whistling because the pickpockets would whistle signals to one another, no drunkenness, play a musical instrument. You’re not supposed to hurry, it’s ungentlemanlike or unladylike, carry your own parcels, you mustn’t bring a bicycle. Unaccompanied ladies, by the way, weren’t also allowed in. A lot of those rules we couldn’t even enforce them …It’s all about behavior. As long as you’re respecting those around you and respecting the arcade you’ll be left alone.