BROpener, A Device That Turns Any Surface Into a Bottle Opener

The BROpener, created by friends Aaron Avallon and Matt von Mering, is a wonderful aircraft grade aluminum tab that can stick to any “waist height or lower” surface and turn it into a bottle opener. It comes equipped with a magnetic front to grab the bottle cap after removal and a strong double-sided tape backing to ensure that the device stays put (until you twist it off). Aaron and Matt have a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help with manufacturing and production costs.

There are a hundred different ways to open beer bottles… We wanted to come up with the most unique and fun way to open them with your friends. Using the ol’ edge of a table trick is great and all, but the table gets mangled, people get angry at you for breaking their stuff and who knows where the cap goes. With the BROpener you can preserve your furniture, make friends not enemies, catch the cap and have fun in the process. The BROpener is the answer to all of your bottle opening needs!

The BROpener

The BROpener in Action

via The Awesomer