Brooklyn Hipsters Rough It at a Summer Camp in Rural New York


Silverman prepares to slaughter a chicken.

Recently, Daily News’ Justin Rocket Silverman and several of his hipster friends from Brooklyn learned how to slaughter a chicken, butcher a pig, make whisky, transform raw unpasteurized milk into cheese, and “take better Instagram photos” of their food at Clawhammer Farm in Lisle, New York. Silverman wrote an open letter to his mom and dad at Daily News describing the experience that gave them a “rare chance to sleep under the stars, swim in the lake, and shoot off firecrackers by the bonfire” and the ability to keep their iPhones handy in case “any irresistible selfie opportunities arose.” Nick Westervelt & Becky Mumaw, the farm’s owners, open their farm to Offsite, a group that runs ongoing rural retreats. Read more of Silverman’s experience at Daily News.

image via Daily News

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips