An Incredible Interactive Color Sorted Display of British & Exotic Mineralogy Illustrations (1802–1817)

Chicago designer Nick Rougeux has painstakingly organized the incredible collection of vintage British & Exotic Mineralogy illustrations (1802-1817) by British naturalist James Sowerby into a beautiful interactive display that’s completely arranged by color.

All 2,242 illustrations from James Sowerby’s compendium of knowledge about mineralogy in Great Britain and beyond, drawn 1802–1817 and arranged by color.

British and Exotic Mineralogy

Rougeux also created a beautiful poster that features all the mineralogy illustrations in color order.

Decorate your walls with the entire compendium of Sowerby’s mineralogy illustrations drawn between 1802 and 1817. Each illustration was carefully restored to its original vibrancy and organized by color.

British and Exotic Mineralogy Illustrations

Sowerby British and Exotic Mineralogy Poster

via Open Culture