Breaking Bad’s Mike in an Educational Menstruation PSA (1974)

Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks (‘Mike Ehrmantraut’) appeared in a 1974 educational PSA film titled Linda’s Film On Menstruation. Banks plays Johnny Stanton, the boyfriend of 15-year old Judy who has just gotten her period. In the film (skip to the 1:10 mark) ‘Johnny’ says that he noticed changes in her bowling technique (she’s usually ‘rotten’, he says) and finds out it’s because she got her period.


A 1974 film about menstruation financed by the Creative Artists Public Service Program of the New York State Council of the Arts(CAPS), a program that ran from 1970 to 1981. Fifteen year old Judy has just gotten her first period and tries to explain it to her befuddled boyfriend Johnny…

via A.V. Club and Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch

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