Bob Odenkirk Plays an Out of Luck Greeting Card Writer Trying to Get His Life Back in ‘Girlfriend’s Day’

Out of luck greeting card writer Ray Wentworth (Bob Odenkirk) faces danger and possible death to get his life back in the Netflix original movie Girlfriend’s Day. Wentworth tries to seize opportunity when the new holiday Girlfriend’s Day is introduced with a card-writing contest, but soon finds out that other writers are turning up dead.

Odenkirk wrote the film and stars along with Amber Tamblyn, Natasha Lyonne, and Rich Sommer. Girlfriend’s Day is now streaming on Netflix.

In the Netflix original film, Girlfriend’s Day, director Michael Paul Stephenson (The American Scream) invites you to experience a clever and quirky story about love, loss and the worst place to get a paper cut. Meet Ray Wentworth (Bob Odenkirk), once a king of the wordsmith world, and now a down-on-his-luck romance card writer. In an effort to recapture the feelings that once made him the greatest, he gets entangled in a web of murder and deceit as writers vie to create the perfect card for a newly crowned holiday: Girlfriend’s Day.

via The Awesomer