Bob Dylan Holds Private Concert For Superfan Frederik Wikingsson on the Swedish Film Series ‘Experiment Alone’

Frederik Wikingsson of the Swedish series Experiment Ensam (“Experiment Alone”) wondered what it would be like to experience a Bob Dylan concert alone in the season finale of the series, which seeks to learn more about the role of community in society. To Frederik’s (and everyone else’s surprise), Mr. Dylan granted Wikingsson’s wish and performed a four-song private concert for the overjoyed superfan at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I’ve been smiling the whole time. My cheeks are exhausted. He even talked to me. It was great. I feel like a kid. When he played harmonica, I came close to losing it.

Wikingsson was understandably flying for quite a while. When asked whether the experience would have been better if he had been with others, he replied with mixed reaction.

I was grateful and happy that I was the only one there. In the moment, it wouldn’t have been as intense with other people there, but once I stepped out of the theater all confused and dizzy, it could have been more intense if I had someone to share it with. In that way, I’m torn about the experience. It was incredibly intense then and there, but after the fact and forever after, I miss having someone to share it with.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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