Blogpoly (original Chinese link)

littleoslo describes how it came about:

It is just a game. It is fun to use the board to lay out the Blogosphere Ecosystem. It helps me to think and learn about blogging culture by transforming the original game into this version. I had to think about which company and enterprise to choose and set up first on the board. The space is limited, so I picked well known names in blogging industry. Besides the private properties, there are two public utilities–the water works and the electric company. Then I thought of “Wikipedia” and “Creative Commons”, and then a few more, making “criminal” into “spammer”, “free parking” into “free hosting”. “Chance” and “community chest” become “comment” and “trackback”. Fun — yes? There is not much difference for me transforming the game than writing a poem, using similes, metaphors and symbols.

Some people think that it should have been called “Blogopoly”, but either way it’s a great concept.

via Boing Boing (thanks for the tip Jack Pennilaus)