Bitblox, Wooden Alphabet Blocks Inspired by Low-Res Pixel Lettering


San Francisco-based creative studio and mobile game company Glyfyx has designed and created Bitblox, a delightful set of wooden alphabet blocks inspired by “low-res pixel lettering seen on the computer screens and in video games of yore…” Each set of Bitblox includes 28 blocks, featuring a total of 168 letters, numbers, symbols and quirky pictograms and are available to purchase as a limited-edition, signed and numbered item directly from Glyfyx. While intended for decorative use only, they are printed with non-toxic, child-safe inks. They are also “hand-manufactured in the United States from renewable, American grown, kiln-dried basswood…” Bitblox is also available as a typeface.

Bitblox are a celebration of pixels — those eensy data dots that have brought meaning and joy to our lives since the sun-dappled days of Pong. While pixels continue shrinking out of sight on our digital screens, they live on in full chromatic and tactile splendor in these one-of-a-kind alphabet blocks.

Each block was painstakingly (and nostalgically) crafted. Remember floppy disks? System crash bombs? Paragraph symbols? Now they are forever engrained (embossed, actually) onto little wooden blocks you can pick up and enjoy.


images via Glyfyx

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips