‘Biophilia’, Elegant Mosaics Made From Beautifully Exotic Insects From Around the World

Biophilia Insects

Artist Christopher Marley has created a gorgeous line of mosaics, prisms, and other artistic arrangements made from exotic insects that he’s humanely sourced from around the world. In his newest book Biophilia, Marley seeks to educate his readers around the incredible beauty of nature, while displaying his elaborate works of art.

Christopher Marley’s art expresses his passionate engagement with the beautiful forms of nature. Beginning with insects and moving on to aquatic life, reptiles, birds, plants, and minerals, Marley has used his skills as a designer, conservator, taxidermist, and environmentally responsible collector to make images and mosaics that produce strong, positive emotional responses in viewers. Marley has a brilliant eye for color and pattern in different natural objects, and he expertly captures the deep relationships among them. Biophilia (literally, “love of living things”) is a must-have for nature lovers, designers, artists, craftspeople, and anyone looking for visual inspiration in the arts.

Prints of these mosaics can be purchased via Marley’s website.

Jewel Scarab Beetle of Costa Rica

Blue and Brown Butterflies

Purple Butterflies

Biophilia Sumptuosa Prism


images via Christopher Marley

via Slate, Feature Shoot