BionicWheelBot, A Robot That Walks and Rolls Like a Flic-Flac Spider


The BionicWheelBot is a robot, created by Festo, that is able to walk around and roll just like an agile flic-flac spider (cebrennus rechenbergi).

In order to start rolling, the BionicWheelBot bends three legs each on the left and right of its body to make a wheel. Two legs folded up whilst walking then extend, push the rolled-up spider off the ground, and continuously push it forward whilst rolling. This prevents the BionicWheelBot from grinding to a halt and ensures that it can move itself forward even on rough terrain. In rolling mode, the artificial spider – like its natural role model – is much faster than when walking. At the same time, the robot can even overcome inclines of up to five per cent uphill. (read more)

via Gizmodo

Justin Page
Justin Page

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